Friday, 24 October 2014

Notes from the teachers: Mark and Emilia

Blog notes - 23 October 

Half way through our project work the group are managing to maintain the high work rate and determination of previous days. This has been based on a collective team commitment to see our various projects through and make the most of our time in the Jinja community. 

Conditions have been challenging, but the combination of heat, hard work and fatigue have not prevented everybody driving on cheerfully.

When you come on trips like this there are always the unknown factors of:
1. how a group will gel together, and,
2. how individuals respond to being taken out of their comfort zone. 

During the last six days all have been prepared to muck in and do their bit. It has been good to witness this and see a real 'team' develop. The willingness of all to put the completion of any given project work ahead of individual preferences of task has been a key feature of successful days on site.

This attitude, combined with much laughter and humour, has created a successful formula. 
As a result, tasks in painting classrooms, cementing and brick carrying for the kitchen, cleaning, looking after children, building a tyre playground and overseeing homework club have all been managed efficiently and without fuss.

Much of the credit for this must go to our Inspire leaders, Linz and Lauren, who have made an impressive attempt to really get to know our students, whilst ensuring that they maintain the highest standards of health and safety in their daily pursuits. They are a great addition to our team!

The group is showing individual and collective character whilst being an absolute credit to their school. We can be confident that we will complete our tasks well by the end of the week, before the long journey north to Murchison Falls national park. 

I would just add two things in closing:

There is no doubting the ongoing and developing impact that the 'African experience' is having on this group of students, and finally, all parents, families and friends can be very proud of what these guys are achieving. There is still much to do, but they are a pleasure to be working with. 

Mark & Emilia

Photo of Lindz and Lauren - the intrepid Inspire Worldwide Leaders:


  1. Mark, Emilia - looks like you've all had an amazing time. Thanks so much for providing the LP'ers with such a fantastic opportunity. And please pass on our huge thanks and admiration to Lindz and Lauren.

  2. I could not agree more with Rob's post. I am so proud and in awe of our children. Thank you for your incredible leadership Mark, Emilia, Linz and Lauren.