Monday, 27 October 2014

Day 10: 26th Oct - Murchison

We thought waking up at 5.45am was going to be a struggle, even with our alarm. But luckily we were woken up well in advance by the huge cockroaches that had managed to get inside our mosquito nets. 

After waking up everyone else at 5am with our screaming, we picked up our packed breakfast and set off in the three safari buses to the ferry crossing.  Once we got to the other side of the Nile we spent 4 hours driving round the game reserve in our open-top buses, spotting as many of the Big 5 as we could.  

The landscape was amazing and we saw elephants, giraffes, buffalo, warthogs and hundreds of Uganda Kob. We followed a variety of different fresh tracks after the rangers radioed to say there might be lions near but none of us were quite lucky enough.  

After lunch back at the camp, we went back to the river where we went on a three hour river safari where we saw hippos and elephants and finally reached the bottom of the falls.  The view was amazing and it was incredible being so close.  Many of us ended up falling asleep at different points during the day but as Mark pointed out; it was merely a reflection of all the work we have done over the past 12 days.  We ended our last proper night with a quiz (which the girls team won easily) and shared our favourite moments from the day, before packing up our bags and going to bed.


  1. Team Ugs! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences with us all. It's been fun waiting for the blog updates. It will be great to have you all home safely, and can't wait to hear more. Well done guys.

  2. I am truly jealous of you all, what an amazing end to a fantastic all memorable trip.
    As Rob says, we can't wait to see you all home safely tomorrow and hear the other personal stories not told on the blog. Have a safe journey home and we'll see you all in the morning xx

  3. In complete agreement with Rob and Fiona. Your daily blogs have given us a wonderful window into your work and experiences, thank you for taking the trouble to do them. Also well done to all the team, you should be very proud of what you have achieved, we are!