Sunday, 26 October 2014

Day 9: 25th Oct - Safari!

Written by James and Oli P.

We left the hotel at 7am and headed towards Red Chilli Camp, along the Nile.  We started our drive by going through small villages on rough, bumpy roads and the proceeded down one if the longest roads I have ever been on.  We then stopped off at Masindi for lunch which was 5 hours from Jinja and then made it to the park within 45 mins.

Once in the park we saw a large range of wildlife, we drove to the falls and had a tour of the surrounding areas.

The falls were amazing and visiting the different viewing points was worth the walk! Then, after a nice stretch of the legs we went to Red Chilli where we unpacked all 3 buses and had a briefing from the Ref Chilli staff.

Looking for our rooms in the dark was an experience to say the least.  After setting up our rooms we then sat down as a team to eat either chicken and chips, chilli con carne or vegetarian options.  Then after a briefing about waking up At 5.45 am tomorrow we walked our way to our rooms where en route we casually saw a hippo munching on the grass behind the girls's room.  Weird experience.

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  1. Wonderful posts! You must all be feeling completely overwhelmed. Can't wait to see you on Tuesday!