Sunday, 26 October 2014

Day 8: 24th Oct - Last Day on Project

Written by Ollie Inglis and Henry

This Morning there was a buzz at breakfast because we were all excited for the last day of work at St.Patrick's.  We were eager to get going and finish the work we had been doing all week.  Even as we arrived at St.Patrick's we noticed the difference which gave us a lift to really work hard and completely finish the job. We split into three groups with a double classroom each and got to work touching up the cream and applying another coat of blue.  We let the blue dry and intricately painted the skirting board in red oxide, avoiding the still tacky blue. 

Then, Angelo arrived and with chalk in hand, he marked out a world map, Mufasa and Simba, the human skull (front and side), human hand bone structure, giraffe, elephant, Nemo, zebra, a knee and a duck. 

A group of about 8 of us started work on the world map, painting each country a different colour, which required mixing of colours and a very steady hand.   As the day went on the paintings began to come to life.  Everyone was either brush in hand or playing with the children while on a break, to make sure they didn't paint anything they shouldn't. 

As the paintings were getting their final touches you could hear the children practicing for the ceremony to say thank you for all of our hard work.  We changed into our polos and headed out for the ceremony, but first we were taken outside as the school had bought us all a tree to plant.  So, in the future, every time they see our trees they will remember the hard work and good things we did for their school. 

We then went into a large classroom and had thank you songs sung for us which included our names being called out before each verse so that verse was dedicated to us personally.     Then the children aged 5-7 came out and sung us some of their songs which included 'Row Your Boat'.  We asked if they could sing it again but if we could join in this time.  So, we gave it our all and finished the ceremony in great style.   The Headmaster thanked us again and spoke about how our teamwork inspired him and others at the school and that anything can be done a lot faster and more efficiently with teamwork. 

We then went back to the hotel in our last ever bus journey with Moses, we will all miss Moses, the man. Moses could drive in any condition, on any road with limited visibility and still keep us all safe.  We invited Moses in for a drink and we presented him with an LP polo which was signed by all of us.

We were then very excited as we went to get ready for fancy dress.  Our final winner was Kim John-Un, aka Ollie Inglis.

PS. We are awaiting the blog for this weekend - but the team are in Murchison Falls where internet access is not very good! We'll let you know as soon as we have something.


  1. Wow wow wow! The school looks transformed! The sun is shining and showing off all your hard work :)
    All very emotional I'm sure xx

  2. What amazing ambassadors you have been: for LP, for Britain and the developed world, for young people. You will have touched the lives of the St Patricks kids almost as much as they will have touched yours! How amazing that you each have a personal tree in Uganda....

  3. Well done to all of you it looks amazing.