Friday, 24 October 2014

Day 7: 23rd October: Mud

By Ben Cobley, with help from Tom Hadman and Zach Mather

Swag poem

We woke to an early start
Abruptly awoken by Mark
The leaders were prepared to bet
It would be the hardest day yet

We shared everything in our packs
Prepared to upgrade an old woman's shack So then we boarded the coach Entertained by Fergus' jokes

Once there we stamped down the mud
Which drew sweat tears and blood
We started to build the walls
Until it rained like niagra falls

Despite all of our hard work
The rain was here to usurp
And we had to call it a day
Or the weather would make us pay

We were disappointed to go
But it will be finished soon we know
Because thanks to our fundraised cash
It was ok to make a dash

After cleaning off the mud
The sweat, the tears, and the blood
We accepted our defeat
And made our way to the high street

With contact cards in hand
We spent our last grand
After buying presents for pals
We spent our last thou'

Some shirts looked quite reem
So we spent our last green
There were trousers that were funny
So we spent our last money

We had some cash to pay
So we spent our last 'k'
We bought 'wavy garms' and 'ting
And spent our last shilling

Then some returned to Sonrise
And finished painting their tyres
While others played with children
Because they had finished a buildin'

They also made donations
Which was cause for celebration
Because thanks to new clothes and toys
There were happy girls and boys

Finally we went out for a meal
To celebrate our ordeal
There was delicious curry and fanta
And we shared some great banter

I have run out of things to rhyme
So now I think it is time
To end this awful poem

And get some sleep.