Thursday, 23 October 2014

Day 6: 22nd October - Great Hope

Written by Aimee and Sunny

The remote school, Great Hope was found along long windy roads with houses getting more homemade as we went along. We had to walk the last bit up a very steep hill where we looked round 6 classrooms that had spaces but no actual windows or doors.

We were put into pairs and attempted to make desks. This was no problem for a group of strong teenagers, the only problem, if you ignore the 5 broken hammers, the weak nails that kept bending,  the fact we were making them on a muddy hill, the stationary tree that seemed to reach out and whack people on the head no no...the problem was being distracted by the incredible view.

In the afternoon we split into 3 groups. Group 1 went to the baby home to finish the playground. The team all said the last half hour was the best as they knew it needed to be finished so they all pulled together and worked as a strong team.
The team also loved seeing the children play on the tyres even when it wasn't finished.

Group 2 went to the children's home to finish their playground and said the same things. I personally felt a great deal of satisfaction and pride when I finished my part of the playground because I worked through the break to get it done. After we finished putting it together we got to paint it so it looked so pretty.

Group 3 went to St Patricks to paint classrooms. Again they all felt the team work at the last moment when they all knew they had to finish. A paint fight was also pretty evident on their clothes when they returned!

In the evening we got the amazing opportunity to have a painting lesson with a pica artist called Angelo. He helped us create some amazing paintings making everyone feel talented and positive after a very hard day of working. It was a very relaxed activity to calm the evening down for some amazing chips and burgers for dinner.


  1. Those paintings are amazing! The truck tyres look fantastic too!
    Burgers and chips and no pushing the coach out of the mud - great day :)

  2. Love those tyres! Paint fight? That is a surprise. Great work everyone, glad you got things finished