Monday, 20 October 2014

Day 3: 19th October Church and Nile River

A short delay on yesterday's blog - as the team were having such a great time!

Written by Fergus and Aaron:

We started the day by getting up at 7.30 and therefore arrived at breakfast in good time. We were all worried that church might not be a conventional affair however no-one could have prepared for what happened during the period of time we were there.
Dancing, loud singing, chanting and audience participation were all part of the festivities. 7 of the boys, Fergus, Aaron, Finbar, James, Ben, Reece, and Oli all went up onto stage and danced for a long time and the audience loved it.

We then as a group went on to Sunday school which was an interesting experience in itself. Many of our students were put on the spot to teach the children a bible story that we had not prepared for. We then made shakers out of the bottles and the children adored them, shiny colours and interesting noises are a perfect combo for small children.

Having completed this challenge, we went to the market and many of us bought very traditional African trousers which we were all very proud of. The group then moved on to Nile River Camp for a beautiful BBQ and a relaxing afternoon so we would be ready for the days of hard labour that were to follow.

The evening followed suit and we arrived back at the hotel relaxed before dinner.

We ate a good dinner and tried some sugar cane for dessert. Finally the day culminated with an hour long, completely spontaneous skit from Fergus which lasted a full hour.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, so here are some lasting memories of the day.

Finbar - church was my favourite part of the day because we bonded so well as a group.

Fergus - seeing everyone's happy faces smiling at church.

Aaron - playing games with the children at Sunday school and being so grateful for their lovely attitude and smiles throughout.

Henry - sitting outside at the guest house and seeing the monkey swing from the tree in front of me. The realisation of how close to wildlife we are really hit me that we were in Africa.


  1. So guessing by this report Zach didn't use the songs he had practised at home with me! Love the dancing pictures, looks a bit like Gangnam Style meets African worship! Beautiful views over the lake.

  2. Team Ugs!!! Love what you guys at doing. Maimonides was a famous 12th century philosopher and leading scholar of his day. He is well known for publishing his 8 ladders of charity - grading the impact of different attitudes to charity. At the bottom is 'giving out of pity'. Right at the top is 'giving your time or money in partnership with someone so they can begin to help themselves, and no longer be in need of support'. That is exactly what you guys are doing - giving up your time, and raising money, in partnership with the people and kids of Jinja, to help them be more self-sufficient and not have to rely on charitable handouts in the future. Brilliant stuff! Well done.