Saturday, 18 October 2014

Day 1: Update

Our roving reporters Oli P and James T write:    Late night, early start! Up at 7.30am for breakfast after a long day's travelling.  Lovely selection of foods available for us to eat e.g eggs and toast, pancakes and omelettes. After that we prepared ourselves for the long journey ahead where we would be travelling from Entebbe to Jinja; nearly a 5 hour bus journey!  The drive went well, passing many different towns and cities such as Kampala which was amazing and I've never seen anything like it.  The scenery was great and our driver Moses did a great job avoiding some difficult traffic and also avoiding President Museveni's convoy and many important ministers. 

We then advanced to stop at our first rest break in a shopping centre in Kampala.  After everyone had exchanged money and used the bathroom if they needed too we then had our first experience of shopping, Ugandan style when a man selling glasses tried to sell us a range of sunglasses.  Some of the group bought glasses for the end of our journey to Jinja.  

On the way, we saw the green countryside of Uganda.  We saw fields of sugar cane and tea.  Whilst leaving Kampala we drove past the national football stadium, Mandela Stadium.  Whilst driving up the road to the stadium we saw a cow on the side of the road.  We then had a long drive in the rain until we stopped off at a petrol station so we could get a drink, go to the toilet and stretch our legs.  Then once back on the bus we drove into Jinja.  

Once at our hotel we checked into our rooms which are very clean and comfy.  We went back on the bus and drive to the source of The Nile and had a look around the surrounding area.  

We then had another safety briefing and we acted out scenarios of what could happen.  We then got the bus back to the hotel and met more of the lovely hotel staff and then sat around the hotel playing cards, waiting for dinner which was made for us by our team leaders.  We had pasta with tomato sauce which was very nice

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