Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Day 4: 20th Oct: Start of St Patrick's Project

Written by Fin and Reece

This morning's breakfast call was considerably earlier and we were on the bus and on our way at around 8:30am.  The thunderstorms of the night which had provided our morning alarm had also caused floods and there was one particular stretch of road which caused a lot of amusement.  We watched many hikers try and mostly fail the challenge of the giant puddle before our driver, Moses, excellently manoeuvred us through. 

On arrival at St Patrick's School we were split into two teams; builders and painters.  Both teams made great progress with the painters painting the first coat of the whole exterior of the school as well as most of the classrooms.  The builders got the walls of the new kitchen started thanks to hard work and great team work.  For example, bricks were passed to make piles for the builders using a 15 man chain. 

We then left and travelled to the two Sonrise orphan homes to build some playgrounds out of truck tyres.  It was tough but by the end of the working day, both playgrounds were taking shape. 

Those who weren't building the playground had the chance to become teachers as homework club began inside.  Maths, which included multiplication and subtraction and English were both on today's syllabus.  The universal feeling by the end of the day was just pure respect for Primary School teachers globally who have incredible patience and skills in order to teach such young children.  However, for first timers, the homework team did very well and the kids enjoyed having a change of style.

Photos to follow soon!


  1. Great work! We are enjoying the blog and hearing how you are getting on. It is being read by parents and grandparents who are feeling very proud. Keep the pictures coming as these are great to see...

  2. Makes for brilliant reading Team Ugs! There is a large group of people in the UK (and further afield) eagerly awaiting your daily blog postings. Amazing that you're getting the chance to do both hard labour and close teaching activities.

  3. Sounds like an amazing days work! You look totally settled in over there. Keep up the great work - we love your blogs! :)